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WAF!> UNDER MY LABEL – UML Compilation #03

Il y a qques semaines, WAF! vous invitait aux 2 ans de Under My Label.
Voici la sortie de leur 3eme compilation gratuite, sortie ce dimanche 22/02.

6 tracks, dont une à été sélectionnée par Boiler Room Debut en exclusivité. La track est de PEEV, un français, et à déjà pu bénéficié de 18.000 lectures en 5 jours. Avec le support de Redbull Elektropedia et du fameux blog francais See Sick Sound!

Tracks description

1. Arthur Tixhon – Sculpture

With Sculpture, Arthur gives us an organic sound. While his synths
allow us to escape the confines of our world, the drops bring us back
down to earth. The combination between the acoustic and the
electronics percussions makes our head spin.

2. Remy Kruyer – Annual

In this track Remy combines precision with efficiency and simplicity.
The main synth comes and goes and is accompanied by a subtle
percussions performance. This is a perfect mix between deep sounds
and a simple yet catchy melody.

3. Jordan Louis – The Guilt Keeps Me Up At Night

This track is aptly named. The chord progression that evolves
throughout the whole track is maybe simple but definitely at its right
place. This track is a great definition of underground techno although
there is a slight “house” touch. And that is why we like it so much.

4. PEEV – Bentham Panopticon

PEEV is back today and brings an “industrial chic” track that will fire up
the dancefloor. The captivating groove guides us through the whole
track and the drops are preceded by crazy and unexpected breaks.

5. Arthur Tixhon – What’s under the hood

The second track that Arthur is putting forward in the compilation is as
surprising as the first one. His 115 BPMs are can still make us dance.
The perfect compromise between classic and “underground” sounds.

6. Neila – Triangarium

As always, Neila doesn’t beat around the bush. To sum it up, he
proposes a pure techno track. Fast, industrial and powerful,
Triangarium has been produced with the dancefloor in mind

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